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Chlorination Gas System

On-line Chlorination System - General Description

On-line Chlorination System is a process designed for rubber glove dipping line. This system will run the process of chlorination for glove on the dipping line. The advantages of on-line chlorination is to help rubber glove manufacturers to cut down production costs by:
  • 100% chlorinated for easy donning
  • Product quality consistency
  • Less handling / Eliminate labour cost for flipping over gloves
  • Better Control on product quality
  • Flexibility to produce different types of glove
  • Cut-down machinery or equipment
  • Less storage area required
  • Easier to organize production floor
  • Overall cost reduction

Online Chlorination System

On-line chlorination process chlorinate one side of the rubber glove when gloves fitted formers travel along the process tank. It will chlorinate every single piece of glove under stretching condition so that all gloves are evenly and properly chlorinated.

On the other side of the glove, which is not yet processed, will then be subjected to either off-line chlorination or other process depending on customer requirement.

The on-line chlorination process starts from the main oven. The main oven should allows for enough curing time for gloves before it goes into chlorination process. After the main oven, formers with gloves fitted-in are dipped into three cooling tanks. The purpose of these cooling tanks is to reduce the temperature of glove before they go into chlorination tank. The chlorine tank will have a temperature range of between 30° C - 40° C. The chlorination process at current state and time of chlorination will depend on the concentration of chlorine and the length of chlorine tank.

After the chlorine tank, formers with rubber gloves are dipped into Soak Rinse tank to neutralize chlorine and follows by a hot water rinse which is the last stage in the on-line chlorination. Hereafter, all rubber gloves are chlorinated properly.

Scrubber System
  • contain scrubber packing and circulation water or chemical
  • scrub off chlorine fume
  • neutralization process
  • fully FRP constructed body and reservoir
  • complete with man-hole and viewing window

Scrubber System
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